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1. Fuel tank and Chemical tank  

 1) Fuel - pure and clean gasoline  2) Fogger chemical + water 3) Smoker chemical + Oil (Diesel)




2. User control parts - 4


1) Start switch

     - Use only start


2) Fuel control lever

     - For start, power control, engine stop

     - Clockwise - closing. Close softly.

     - Over opening reduce engine power


3) Spray valve

     - For spray, spray amount control

     - Close and open slowly


4) Cap of tank - Fuel and Chemical tank

     - For start and spray, cap should be closed

     - Close softly and torque a little at the end.

     - Use no-hose cap of backpack chemical tank





3. Keeping - for several month




1) Make fuel tank and hose empty.

    - Old fuel will be adhesive and  make problem.

    - Rotate the machine up - down

    - Remove fuel in fuel hose - disassemble if nee


2) Make chemical tank and hose empty.

    - Harden chemical make problem

    - Spray all chemical out.

    - Rotate the machine up - down.

    - Spray water for fogging machine for cleaning


3) Recharge battery

    - Full discharged battery is not reusable


4) Clean ignition  plug with steel brush every year.



fuel tank to nozzle.jpg

4. Using after keeping


Operate before use > Action > A/S

Use new clean gasoline for fuel

Recharge battery

Raise fuel to nozzle thru transparent hose.




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5. Trouble shooting item 5 and Action item 4


 1 Battery (Recharging)

    4 Cap of fuel and chemical tank

2 Fuel check valve

5 (smoker) spray nozzle

            3 Ignition plug



Action 4 against 4 trouble, related parts 3 + 2 = 5 items

check valve.jpg

#1 Electric motor     sound small, when

     flostart SW push

#2 No explosion

when start switch


#3 Irregular explosion

Engine power down

Engine stop

#4 Small spray

    No spray



Recharge battery



No sound >

exchange battery



Check and Replace

- Fuel check valve

- Ignition plug

- Cap or packing



Engine power



Check and Replace

- Fuel check valve


- fake gaoline



Check and Replace

- Cap or packing


- Spray nozzle

(smoker) drill 2mm






 ignition plug check.jpg


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6. Start and Spray - familiar with machine


Common to Smoker and Fogger

. Preparation - Battery charging, New gasoline, Fuel to nozzle, Caps of tanke closed, Chemical tank connected to machine 




3 ̻   





Power up



Spray out

л õõ ٴ


3 second



Engine out

õõ, ٴ


after 3 second, push only start switch > engine cleaning


. Burning left gasoline in carburetor <-> start

     -> Power up


. Burning left gasoline in carburetor

  - Close fuel control lever and push start switch


. start

  - (Arrow mark) Open lever to start point

    and push start switch 1 ~ 2 times.

    If failed, do burning left gasoline again


. Power up - adjust fuel control lever for max engine power


7. Agricultural chemical mixing

- Use same chemical for same area

- (in case of model 500) spray 15 liter within 7~10 min

> Determine area to disinfect using 15 liter water and chemical




8. Agricultural spraying method


# Spray to backward and indirectly to the plants


# Fixing and spray > Spray at a place continuously.


# (Rail) Using dolly


# At mountain or hill

   Spray from high place to low place

   Do not spray with high angle


# Do not shock the machine during operation.

# Do not idle long time.

# Make the front end of machine low when engine stop

    - protecting chemical moving inside




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9. Smoking disinfecting


# Keep forward end of machine lower for safety

      - Smoke will be spread enough





10. Fogging disinfecting for inside and outside of pension, school, apartment, ....)


Start outside, spray from deep inside

Use safety tools like mask

Sealfood and dishes



Chemical will not be shown because spray particles be gas.


Spray into air, do not shoot concentrically one part.


11. Caution


 Hot parts like engine

 - keep distance with flammable material


Do not watch machine at the front.

 - Heat, chemical and other parts


Do not start when recharge battery

Do not change the machine

 - especially ignition plug, carburetor (nozzle and others)


Use protective suit, goggles, gloves, boots

Fill only 85 ~ 90 % of tank - fuel, chemical

Be careful of sharp edges


Do not use fooger as smoker

 - Flame will shoot


Do not use wet place for keeping and start

 - electric shock, electric discharge, metal corrosion

Do not keep with fertilizer - cause metal corrosion.



 12. A/S 


Abandon fuel and chemical

Pack machine and recharger

using carton box



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